The Winter Committee

Joseph Gallucci, Creative Writing Editor

Photo courtesy of New York Extension Disaster Education Network
Photo courtesy of New York Extension Disaster Education Network

The winter season – full of such joyous occasions as awful driving conditions, sub-zero temperatures, Christmas, ice on the windows, and of course, that wonderful sensation known as snow. Many believe that these conditions are the doing of nature deciding that its species misbehaved and needed to suffer consequences. However, few know the real truth – the hectic mess of winter is run by a hectic mess of directors. 


Incorporated as The Winter Committee, this group of cutthroat directors have merely one goal in mind – make winter frozen misery. Internally, however, it appears that the committee have also made their own lives miserable – but not intentionally. Internally, all that goes on during meetings is fighting – all the Winter Committee wants to do is fight about how to make the most of winter. Left and right, all you hear during the winter committee meetings are:


“We should have sub-zero weather on this day.”

“No, clearly it works better here.”

“But there, we plan on having an unusually warm day to recoup that snowstorm we had two hours before!”

“Snowstorm? Nobody told me about a snowstorm!”

“Oh yeah, we just decided on it yesterday… I guess we never told you.”
“You never tell me anything!”

“Because winter’s supposed to be an erratic season!”

“So why then are there five of us, sitting on a table, discussing what to do during the winter?”

“Because being completely random is boring and on that note, I want it to hail out of nowhere on this day, at 7:12 pm.”

“Out of nowhere? That’s the definition of random!”

“Hey, it’ll all be better when May hits… I got a surprise planned for May.”



Before long, all of the fighting causes the whole world to experience frozen pandemonium – ice, snow, hail, sleet, and temperatures so cold it freezes volcanoes. This new storm is now out of control, with no end in sight. Ironically, despite how cold it was outside, the storm melted the committee directors on the inside, and they began to talk about the storm.


“You know… I feel bad.”

“Why should you; our purpose in life is to freeze life solid.”

“… there are boundaries, and we just crossed them.”

“I’m more concerned about my vacation time getting preserved.”

“Well, there won’t be any point in vacation when things are so bad that Fiji snowed.



“I think you’re right, this really has gotten out of hand… how fitting because I’m an amputee.”

“Now, how are we going to get out of this mess?”


Words of fate, right?

Soon, the board goes into the exact same mode it’s always in – (fight synonym here). No better way to fix issues than fighting fire with fire – or in this case, fighting ice with ice. The fight for dealing with the winter storm went on for what seemed like the length of a winter storm. As everybody was yelling at each other, they had yet to realize that all they did was make the storm worse. Outside of the board meeting, snow was piling up and making a thick blanket over the landscape. Temperatures were so cold it was freezing everything imaginable, and the inclement weather was so bad that it was deemed unsafe to go outside. But all The Winter Committee cared about was arguing and fighting. Eventually, though, everybody saw the effects of the storm and were horrified at what they saw. Still, the fighting continues on, until suddenly, the room goes silent.


The boardroom was frozen. 


The committee was so stuck up in its ways of fighting that they neglected the tiny detail that they, too, could be affected. Before long though, one new member managed to melt away all of the ice and sleet that covered themselves. Upon being unfrozen, he looks around and sees all of his colleagues, frozen but still in mid-argument.

“…So this is what happens during board meetings, huh? No wonder why the whole world’s frozen.”

Being the only one who managed to break out, he soon starts to undo the effects of the boardroom, planning slightly warmer days ahead. Unlike the main board, he creates a proper, well thought out plan, and not the results of complete randomness and screaming. His planning works off, and soon the world slowly starts to become inhabitable again. Eventually, more of the board room begins to get unfrozen, and discuss the aftermath of the storm.


“Woah… that storm was something, right?”

“You’re telling me, but how did we recover so quickly?”

“It looks like the person next to me helped us.”

With the hero’s presence made clear, the boardroom starts to look at him and ask simultaneously,

“How did you do it?”


“All you guys do is fight, and with that fighting… there’s no clear plan. That’s why this winter storm turned out how it did. Nobody knew what they were doing, drowned out by all of the angst you have towards each other. I mean, come on, guys, we all have the same goal here, right? ”

Soon, the concept resonated with the rest of the board. In order to create the most successful winters ever, they needed to stop fighting and come up with a plan. After all, careless fighting was how they were frozen to begin with – and it took a clear plan to get them out.

From that point forward, the winters were now even colder, more terrifying, and less bearable than ever before – almost to the level of the snowstorm that froze the committee. But now, each day of each season was planned out carefully, and the only fighting that occurred was outside the committee – with snowballs, that they planned out for that day.