How do our Football players define Football?


Football. To some it is just a sport and to others it is a great source of entertainment. To our football players; however, it is much more than that… Football, American football that is, is a competitive team sport where 2 teams of 11 players’ main goal is to advance the football into the end zone of the opposing team in order to earn points. Carrying the ball, tossing it, or giving it to a teammate are all ways to move the ball forward.

We had the amazing opportunity to interview some of the varsity players and Coach Engler, to see what football meant to them, and here is what they had to say…

Football demands a lot of preparation, collaboration, and time spent outside of school, unlike what most people believe. Coach Engler primarily concentrates on enhancing his players’ mental and physical health. This gives the athletes comfort in knowing that there are individuals that care for the players, regardless of what they are going through. It also gives them an outlet and sense of peace, with Abraham Cusik, a DB and wide receiver, stating that “When I’m out on the field I’m not really worried about anything else but football, it’s kinda my quiet place; and his fellow teammate Drew Dickerson, a player on the offensive and defensive line, with a similar opinion stating, “[It’s] not everyday you get to hit somebody and it’s legal. You know?”.

While most players find football to be an outlet, most players also agree that football has given them the chance to make life long friends and great memories. When asked how football has impacted the players and what they like about the sport, Logan Verax, a varsity quarterback, stated that he liked playing football with the seniors, for one last time and growing a stronger bond with them. He also stated that after a win, they would play music in the locker room and dance for a little bit, adding that it is his favorite part. Drew Dickerson, also has a similar idea of the sport, stating that he has a blast playing football and also, how everyone is doing what they love with their friends. Being that the sport requires the idea of teamwork, building and creating relationships is a part of making that happen.

Along with football being a place where the players make great memories and new friends, football is also a place where the boys learn valuable life lessons and how to become better people and citizens. Lukas Colemire, a running and defensive back, agrees with the idea that football teaches the young men valuable life lessons, stating that, “…The coaches teach you how to be a good man..”, and that, “…there’s a lot that [goes] into it, like having manners. So that’s what I like about it”.
After speaking to the football team, it truly shows how there is so much more to football than we think it is, and how meaningful it is to the football players and even the coaches. “Well, it’s impacted my life not just these past four years but in general. I started playing football when I was five. So this is my 13th season. Football has been a way of life. It’s taught me a lot [as well], not just as a sport but [life in general] like playing behind the line and learning a lot of rules and stuff” (Drew Dickerson).

All in all, football means so much more than the way it is usually portrayed for the players, and even though their season ended, we could not be more proud of the way they put their all on the field this season, and how well they played. Although this may seem like the end for some of the players, it is truly just the beginning for them all, and we wish them nothing but the absolute best for this upcoming journey! Great season boys!