Who is Larry A. Ryle?

The Meaning behind Ryle


            Ryle High School was named after an amazing man called Larry A. Ryle. Surprisingly enough,  most of the people of this establishment do not know who that man really is and what he did for our school to be named after him. That was a complete mystery. On July 28, 2022, after having the pleasure of talking to Mrs. Alice Ryle, we discovered numerous things about her husband Larry Ryle. 

            Larry Ryle was a farmer on his land in Burlington that has been in the family for generations. Transmitted by his mother who was an educator, Larry had a fondness for education which guided him to later become a known and valued man in the educational system. Boone County was growing and he knew that people would need a high school, a middle school, and an elementary school but The Board of Education only wanted a high school. His extreme ability to see into the future made him convince The Board of Education to buy the whole Ferguson land where we would later know the establishments of Ryle High school, Gray Middle School, and Shirley Mann Elementary. After so many accomplishments and climbing up the ladder, unfortunately, Mr. Ryle was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had approximately only six months left with his family. The constructors of our high school knew that he was behind the purchase of the land and wanted to incorporate him in the construction of the school. The architect in charge who was a good friend of Mr. Ryle designed and built this building as a memorial for this highly talented man that he knew.  

         He gave us the opportunity to have access to the education that we are receiving today at Ryle High School. Thanks to him we also have created an amazing community. We should be grateful for that. Larry Ryle should be known, remembered… not forgotten.

Larry Ryle’s wife, Alice Ryle.

Larry Ryle’s wife, Alice Ryle.